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  • Communicate effectively with all involved parties
  • Experience in a wide variety of industries
  • Extensive experience in banking, accounting, and finance
  • Quick response and turnaround
  • Thorough and professional reporting
  • Production of client-specific procedures and reports
  • Over 15 years serving only the asset-based industry

Product Offerings

Recurring Field Examinations

An inspection of a borrower’s assets to verify collateral support for a lending institution. A field examination is different from an audit as audits go into much more detail than collateral field examinations

Due Diligence

A process that involves risk and compliance checks, conducting an investigation, review, or audit to verify facts and information about a particular subject.

Risk Assessment

Improve communication and decision-making by identifying and prioritizing organizational risk. Risk assessment allows your organization to be proactive rather than reactive.

Forensic Exams

Our forensic accounting examination service investigates where firms engage in financial reporting misconduct. We apply a range of skills and methods to determine financial reporting misconduct.

Physical Inventory Observation

Insight Examinations provide oversight of a client’s inventory counting process. This includes: Verifying that all inventory was counted. Testing a sample of the counts made by client employees.

Litigation Support and Expert Opinions

Our litigation support and expert opinion services help businesses prepare for trials. We support clients with reporting, case management, eDiscovery, eTranscripts, and more.

Internal Control Testing

Our Internal Control Testing service evaluates the existing control, either as part of an official audit or in preparation for an audit, to see if the controls are in place and identify weaknesses.