Insight Examination Services, Inc. is your ABL solution on the west coast, exclusively serving the banking and finance industry since 1998. Situated centrally in Los Angeles, we cover San Diego, the Central Valley, Palm Springs, and anywhere in between. We are global in our approach and local in our ability to serve our clients.

Our examiners are trained in all aspects of examinations and the latest technology such as the ABL examination software Asset Writer. Our staff is courteous, multilingual, and respectful to all of our clients.

We have instituted internal controls to manage sensitive client data by adopting encryption, virus protection, secure e-mail, and data security policies. Additionally, our firm is fully insured. 

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The scope of our exams is defined at a detailed level for customized and lender-specific final reports
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Sunil, with over 25 years of banking and ABL experience, is passionate and connected to all aspects of banking and field examination processes and procedures. His thorough design, common sense, and top-down approach have been instrumental in unraveling numerous collateral issues.
Sunil Garg, CEO